Truth About Dropshipping – Common Dropshipping Mistakes

Truth About Dropshipping Common Dropshipping Mistakes AS Web Designer

Hello, welcome to this Truth About Dropshipping – Common Dropshipping Mistakes blog post, and inside this Truth About Dropshipping – Common Dropshipping Mistakes blog post, we are going to discuss some of the mistakes that dropshippers make which denies them of making sales on their dropshipping stores.

Why do I have no sales? Why don’t my ads work? Why don’t visitors convert into buyers? The truth about dropshipping is that most business owners make the same mistakes again and again. But we want you to stop making them after you read this “Truth About Dropshipping – Common Dropshipping Mistakes” article.

My name is Steven Grrat. You’re reading the Zen Dropshipping blog channel. At Zen Dropshipping, our core aim is to make sure you succeed in your dropshipping business as your success is our top priority and you can do this by allowing us to design a high converting print on demand or dropshipping website that is ready to start taking orders right away with no effort on your part even if you have a low budget.  In this Truth About Dropshipping – Common Dropshipping Mistakes post, we’ll be telling our readers how to avoid these common errors and start a successful dropshipping business. But be careful not to make the following dropshipping mistakes!

Now let’s get started.

Truth About Dropshipping Common Dropshipping Mistakes Zen Dropshipping

Truth About Dropshipping – Common Dropshipping Mistakes

Mistake Number 1. Selling cheap products in single units. It seems like a good idea to dropship cheap products for a much higher price. However, some of these goods tend to sell in single units.  Due to the high cost of conversion, the profit margin will be very low. So selling cheap stuff for a higher price doesn’t always work well. It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t sell cheap goods.  Some of them can be really profitable if you manage to increase your average order value.

Mistake Number 2: The next one is ignoring the cost of conversion Here’s a backpack on AliExpress.

Common Dropshipping Mistakes Shopify Dropshipping store design services

It costs almost $12, and the seller offers free shipping.  Great! If I charge an extra $10, I can keep this money as my profit. This is what most beginners think. But it doesn’t always work this way. It can work if buyers come from free sources like organic traffic.  But the truth about dropshipping is that most sales come from paid advertising. In this case, you have to actually pay for the acquisition of each real buyer.  The sum of money you have to spend is called the cost of conversion.

AliExpress sellers sometimes change prices. And if the price became higher than the one you set on your site, that might be a problem. We don’t want to sell things without a profit margin. The plugins and apps we use at Zen Dropshipping for designing our custom stores were developed for dropshipping from many places including AliExpress. Keep on reading this truth about dropshipping – common dropshipping mistakes post.

For example, if you offer a product on Facebook for $20 and the price on AliExpress suddenly changes, site visitors will find a different price on your site.  That’s going to be an unpleasant surprise which may result in some angry customer emails. This mistake is about mindset. You can’t make money without spending money. Many dropshippers share their success stories and tell beginners how much they earn.  What they don’t tell is how much they spend. The truth about dropshipping is that you can’t make money without spending it. The Zen Dropshipping team invests hundreds and thousands in social media campaigns alone. So, don’t expect miracles.  One Facebook campaign for $10 is not enough to get impressive results.

Another popular mistake is not changing anything when seeing no results. The opposite of the previous mistake, there is a time when spending too much on advertising is not wise. For example, if it’s been a week, and you’ve spent $300 on ads, but only got 2 sales – you really should stop. Because obviously, your current campaign isn’t working. On the other hand, premature decisions often cause failures as well which is one of the major problems in dropshipping that we are going to talk more about it below this truth about dropshipping – common dropshipping mistakes post.

Sometimes a Facebook campaign generates sales on the very first day. And that’s when you decide to increase the budget. But then nothing happens. Many newbies also decide to turn off a campaign after just two days with no sales. Both decisions are premature because a day or two is often not enough to make a reasonable conclusion. Just keep testing to see where it goes for a few days more before making a big decision.

Another common dropshipping mistake is to launch advertising campaigns without preparing your website for visitors. Most people who come to your site are interested in a given product. But they’re not sure. Pretty much anything can deter them.

So make sure your product pages look great, are informative, and are functioning properly before you drive paid traffic to them. If you’re uncertain about whether your store looks good enough or has everything working optimally, use our Dropshipping Store Review service.  Our team of experts will analyze your website and provide a list of recommendations. Another truth about dropshipping is that you never know what’s going to work and what’s not. The products you found, the ads you created, and the audiences you’re targeting all require testing.

Testing costs money but making a mistake here costs much more. Launch a campaign and watch how it performs before making a final decision. Ignoring remarketing is another mistake because most people who visit your dropshipping store will probably buy nothing. Sad, but you just have to deal with it, right? Wrong! Hope you are enjoying this Truth About Dropshipping – Common Dropshipping Mistakes blog post.

Some site visitors are not lost forever. Remarketing is a way to promote products to people who withdrew from purchasing for some reason. And that’s another sales channel for any business. If you need more tips on how to promote your business on Facebook, Message Us for quick support.  We will set up a full-blown Facebook campaign for your dropshipping store and manage it as well.

Another unpleasant truth about dropshipping is that you are dependent on suppliers. Even if you have found a great seller with low prices and high-quality goods, relying solely on this one supplier will make you vulnerable. Always diversify your suppliers, because you never know if costs will go up or if a supplier turns out to not have such great item quality. Of course, it’s difficult to manage multiple sellers at the same time.

That’s why we use many reputable dropshipping tools like Spocket to find high-quality suppliers for you.

Not trying to increase the average order value. Oftentimes, beginner entrepreneurs are happy with how much sales their stores make. But how much you earn with each sale matters too! The average order value is how much an average customer spends with each purchase.  And there are many ways to increase this parameter. Most beginners also realize that targeting everyone almost never works. Offering products to narrow, specifically targeted groups is usually more efficient. But newbies often target the obvious audience, which might be too narrow and specific, leaving outsider groups of potential buyers. Always test wider audiences. You never know what you can discover.

Conclusion on the Truth About Dropshipping – Common Dropshipping Mistakes

And there you have it — the ultimate Truth About Dropshipping – Common Dropshipping Mistakes from us, the experts in dropshipping for over 5 years! Success doesn’t come right away. You have to work, experiment, and invest. We may make it easy for you to get started, but the other half of the heavy lifting comes from you, the business owner. Slowly, with experience, you’ll learn how to run your store and avoid common dropshipping mistakes.

So, keep going! My name is Steven Grrat, and thanks for reading this truth about dropshipping – common dropshipping mistakes article.

Give this post a share and comment up if you liked it and remember to subscribe to our newsletter for more helpful dropshipping tips. Thanks for reading, and good luck. See you next soon!


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