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Many Shopify businesses are unaware that having a slow website can be costing them customers and sales. A slow website will not only frustrate your customers, but it can also hurt your Google rankings.

Here at AS Web Designer, our Shopify Website Speed Optimization Services experts can help turn your slow Shopify website into a high-speed sales machine. We offer our services to businesses of all sizes, and we have a proven track record of improving Google rankings for our clients.

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Benefits Of Fast Loading Shopify Website

Many businesses are unaware that their slow Shopify website is hurting their Google rankings. A slow Shopify website can cripple your business by causing you to lose potential customers and sales.

Decreasing the loading time it takes to load your Shopify website is the #1 thing you can do to dramatically increase other areas of your sales,  marketing, and customer experience. The following are some of the reasons why you need to optimize your Shopify website to load faster.

Here at AS Web Designer, our Shopify Website Speed Optimization Services experts specialize in optimizing Shopify websites for peak performance. We have successfully helped many businesses increase their website speed and improve their Google rankings.

Boost Google Rankings

Google and other Search Engines uses your website’s speed as a factor in determining your website’s ranking.

Improves User Experience

Having a website that loads fast helps to improve the user experience of your customers which increases conversions

Increase Conversions

A slow Shopify website can kill your conversions and move your customers to a competitor while a fast website can bring more sales.

Lower Bandwidth Costs

Improving your website speed helps in reducing the bandwidth and the resources your site consumes which makes your site smaller, thereby lowering your data costs.

Reduces Bounce Rates

People spend a lot of time on websites that loads fast. Which helps to reduce the bounce rates. High bounce rates also reduce your search engine rankings

Decrease Cart Abandonment

60% of website visitors will abandon a page that takes three seconds or more to load. This reduces sales and revenue for the store onwer.


Our Pro Shopify Website Speed Optimization Services will turbocharge your website to make it lightning fast. We have successfully helped many businesses improve their Google rankings with our services. Click on the link below to view our pricing and get started or Contact us today for a free consultation!

Enjoy High-Speed Fast Loading Shopify Website With Our Shopify Speed Optimization Services


Our Shopify Site Speed Optimization Services are geared towards any type of Shopify store whether small, medium, or large. Let our Shopify Page Speed Optimization Experts turn your slow Shopify website into a fast-loading site that you can be proud of. Your Shopify Website will be fine-tuned to load fast as quickly as possible… Below are some of the many Shopify Website Page Speed Optimization Services you will receive from us when you partner with us today.

Remove Unused Code

Our Shopify Website Speed Optimization Services Experts will remove any unused and unnecessary codes from your site which will save bytes and minimize bandwidth use.

Image Optimization

All images on your shopify store will be fully optimized to reduce the sizes and retain the highest image quality. We will compress all images to reduce file size and keep the quality the same.

Minify Code (CSS, JS, HTML)

We will remove unnecessary bytes like spaces, breaks and indentation. After implementing this important issue on your site, it will help free up some space to increase the site speed

Database Optimization

If your site has been around for a while, there may be some garbage in the database that is slowing it down. For example, expired transients on Shopify sites can be a huge problem. As part of our service, we clean up and optimize your database to ensure it’s running as fast as possible.

HTAccess File Optimization

HTAccess is one of your web server’s key configuration files and it often contains code that is slowing you down or causing problems in some way. We review all your HTAccess configuration settings to make sure that it’s configured in a best way and everything is setup correctly.

Apps Review & Pruning

Duplicated, Unused, and outdated apps are a huge problem when it comes to shopify Website speed. It is mostly simple as having multiple SEO apps installed which is bad for both speed & your Google rankings. We will review all your apps to ensure they’re actually all required.

404 & Bad Request Repair

It’s not unusual to find spelling errors in code or some other issue that is causing images to break or bad requests to your server. We will review all elements that your site loads to ensure they’re not timing out or resulting in a 404 error.

Anti-Heartbeat Setup

Especially for larger sites or sites where a lot of users are logged into at once, the Website Heartbeat can create problems. We will reconfigure your Website heartbeat settings to ensure that this doesn’t become a problem for your site.

Server Compression Tuning

Many website servers don’t have compression turned on by default. We make sure your server compression settings are turned on for maximum performance. This ensures that, your website loads fast by compressing images and content.

Browser & Page Caching

Caching is one of the biggest improvements you can make to your website speed. Caching setup is a lot more complex than simply installing a caching app and turning everything on. We take care of everything from the beginning to the end for you

Before & After Reports

In all the Shopify Website Speed Optimization Services we provide, we take before and after speed snapshots so we can show you exactly what improvements to site speed have been achieved. This gives a clear understanding on how we are improving your site speed

Post Speed Fix Site Backup

Once our Website Speed Optimization Experts have finished the website speed optimization, we’ll give you a full backup of your site via Dropbox. What we’ve found after working with 100s of customers is that most of our clients don’t have a backup of their site at all so we will provide you a full backup!

As Part Of Our Shopify Website Speed Optimization Services, We Will Do One Of The Following To Enhance The Speed Of Your Shopify Store

Your Shopify website is slow and you’re not seeing the sales you want. You’re not alone. After the latest Google algorithm updates, any website that is not optimized for Core Web Vitals will eventually be outranked by those that are optimized.

Here at AS Web Designer, our Shopify Website Speed Optimization Services experts specialize in helping companies rank higher in local SERPs by optimizing their websites for the latest Google algorithm updates. We’ve helped over 1,000 businesses so far, and we can help you too. Below are the features of our Shopify Website Speed Optimization Services.


Here at AS Web Designer, we are driven by results. The success of your Shopify website speed is our main priority and we will not sleep or rest until our Shopify Speed Optimization Experts turn your slow website into HYPERSONIC SPEED MODE. This is what we always aim for our clients and we will make sure you get the same results. Here’s how Our Shopify Website Speed Optimization works.

Step 1

Pick Up A Plan

Pick any of our Shopify Page Speed Optimization plans below and securely send us your shopify login details through the members area to get started. Message Us if your website is different from Shopify
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Step 2

Full Analysis Of Your Website

After placing an order for Shopify Website Speed Optimization Services directly, We will contact you by email requesting the admin login details Or you can open a support ticket and securely send us your login details
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Step 3

Delivery & Revision

Our Shopify Website Speed Optimization Service Experts will start working on your store right away. We will message you if we need anything from you using our secure ticketing system. Once done, we will then deliver
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There are thousands of companies out there that will offer to boost the speed your Shopify website operates, but we know that many of these so-called Shopify Website Speed Optimization Services Experts are unable to provide you with what really matters: Results. If you’re looking to boost your website speed, then it all starts with making sure that it works great for both website visitors and for the people behind the scenes.

How many times have you given up on a website just because of the loading time? How many times have you chosen one website over another just because one website takes too long to load or makes your browser crash? This could be what’s standing in the way of driving traffic to your website.

If your website performance is too slow on either the front page or the back-end, then you’ll need to get in the services of some real Shopify Speed Optimization Services Experts who can take a proper look at your website under a magnifying glass, diagnose any problems that are standing in the way of optimal performance – and, of course, know what to do to fix these issues. Below are some of the reasons why you should partner with us today!

On Time Delivery

We work to complete your project efficiently making sure to meet your requirements and guarantee timely delivery. We make sure your project is delivered ahead of time

We Are Shopify Experts

We are an official Shopify experts. You can rely on our Shopify skills and experiences to help build the best online store for your business.

Fully Optimized Store

We use modern technology to write a clean and optimized code that keeps your online site running fast and efficient without any issue

Better Communication

We share ideas, provide suggestions, update reports, and are always available to provide answers to any questions you may have.

Conversion Driven Design

With our experience and expertise in making conversion-driven designs, we promise increased sales for your online Shopify business.

SEO Friendly Code

We have an appropriate understanding of SEO factors, and we implement our SEO techniques to make Google happy with your store.

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