Add Custom Favicon To Shopify Store


✅ Favicon enhances the usability of the web interface
✅ Favicon strengthens the consistency of design solutions.
✅ Delivery: 2– 3 Days


Add Custom Favicon to Shopify Store

Change your Shopify Default Favicon to Custom Favicon based on your Shopify store logo or brand name to increase your site identity and credibility.

You may ask what is the meaning of Favicon and why should I add custom Favicon to my Shopify store.

In simple terms, a favicon is a small icon that serves as branding for your Shopify store. Its main purpose is to help visitors locate and identify your store easier when they have multiple tabs open inside a browser. Due to their tiny size, favicons work best as simple images or one-to-three characters of text. Favicons are not to be confused with logos but are sometimes the same. Due to its small size and resolution, the favicon may need to be an even smaller sizer or part of a company’s original logo.

This enhances usability and promotes your store pages better.

Benefits of Adding Custom Favicon to Shopify Store

There are some great benefits of Adding Custom Favicon to your store.

Below are some of the reasons why you need to add a favicon to your store.

  • They enhance the usability of the web interface
  • They strengthen the consistency of design solutions
  • They support brand awareness and recognizability
  • They allow users to find a necessary page much quicker and easier

Note: If we design Favicon then the client needs to pay extra cost.  Check the pricing page for details

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