Niche store VS AliExpress: Why People Buy from Dropshipping Stores

Hello! My name is Steve, and I represent the AliDropship company that developed the AliDropship Plugin, the expert one-stop solution that makes it super easy to start and run your own dropshipping business. You can learn more about it from another article on this blog—find the link below this article. Today, I’m going to answer a common question about this business opportunity and how it works. Many people don’t understand how the dropshipping model can make you money and why people buy from dropshipping stores.

They may think about something like this: What’s the point of launching a dropshipping store if AliExpress offers the same products and even sells them for lower prices? The products found in a dropshipping store are easily available on AliExpress.

Unlike smaller websites, AliExpress is a worldwide platform that is well-known, reliable, and trustworthy. Dropshipping store owners mark up prices for their own profit margin. That makes the same items more affordable on AliExpress.

Why would anyone overpay and order items from a small, unknown website? In other words, with AliExpress, customers can easily purchase any product they need without any risk and pay the lowest possible price. So why would they choose to buy it from a random store at a higher price? To begin with, not everyone is a loyal AliExpress shopping customer. Some people don’t even know it exists, this is part of the reasons why people buy from dropshipping stores.

Across the globe, people have widely varying educations, internet accessibility, experience with online shopping, and personal opinions. It may surprise you, but many shoppers worldwide have never heard of AliExpress. And that provides an opportunity for online entrepreneurs like you. When advertising your store, simply exclude AliExpress, Alibaba, Light in the Box, and other Chinese marketplace customers from your target audience. This can be done with Facebook ad targeting, for instance.

The audience that sees your product offers won’t be comparing them to AliExpress listings. While some shoppers don’t use AliExpress because they don’t know about it, others think that it only sells cheap, poor-quality, China-made products. Some people still think that it takes up to a couple of months to receive an order, despite the fact that AliExpress has improved shipping times dramatically in recent years.

There are people out there who don’t trust AliExpress. Expectation vs. Reality memes created this attitude. More of a reason why people buy from dropshipping stores. With these perceptions of low product quality, AliExpress may not fit the higher-end shop image some customers prefer and are more comfortable with. That’s why you can create an online shop, fill it with carefully selected products, and convince people to order from you. They will never guess that these products are sourced from AliExpress.

That’s how dropshipping works: you create a trustworthy site and convince customers to order from you. You will also need to know how to choose the right kind of product, and you can learn all about how to do this from other videos on our channel. I’ll post the links to these videos in the description.

Check them out! Also, for many people, AliExpress is simply inconvenient. There are more than 100 million products on AliExpress, offered by thousands of sellers.

A wide range of items is a good thing, but when it gets too broad, users can get quickly confused and overwhelmed. They might even leave the website without making a purchase. When customers clearly know what kind of product they need and what features it should have, they are much more likely to simply look it up online and go to a niche store instead of AliExpress. They don’t want to look through hundreds of irrelevant items; they prefer a dedicated website with a limited number of product categories. It allows them to find the desired item much more quickly.

Besides, when a store is dedicated to a particular niche, instead of basic, generic items, it offers specific products to meet unique needs. This keeps the buyers interested and engaged in the shopping process. From this point of view, you can offer people just what they’re looking for and even help them discover new products they’ve never heard of before. That’s kind of an exciting undertaking! If an AliExpress seller offers everything imaginable, from energy-saving light bulbs to educational baby toys, is it likely that he or she can give expert advice on every product?

When people are looking for products that require some kind of background knowledge (for example, drone accessories or hiking equipment), they often expect the seller to help them out. This is why people buy from dropshipping stores.

You can do this by creating a store in a niche you know and love. We shared this tip with you in another video, which explains how to decide what to sell in your dropshipping store. Check it out if you are in the process of searching for your best business idea. It will help you choose a niche.

For one reason or another, there are lots of people who don’t order from AliExpress. They prefer smaller, specialized shops for their online purchases.

If a store is filled with awesome, niche-specific products, visitors will not leave empty-handed. And that’s exactly what you’d like for your business, right? If you want to open a great niche store, there is a really quick and easy way to do it!

Read this article to learn how to start a professional dropshipping store that is set up by experts to suit your individual needs. Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed the article. Don’t forget to like it and subscribe to our newsletters to keep an eye on the industry secrets that will help you dropship and prosper. What would you like to see in our next article?

Share your ideas in the comments section! See you next time! This is a common misunderstanding.


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