Is Dropshipping a Scam?

You might see ads like “Start Dropshipping! Working From Home! Online business! “and wonder: what do they mean? Why do they want me to join?

Is it safe? Does it really work? Let’s find it out! Hello! My name is John. Welcome to this article.

Today I’d like to talk to you about doubts many newbies have, being uncertain if dropshipping is a scam or not! Just so you know, dropshipping is a business model that is totally legit! Of course, it’s better to check your local laws, but in the majority of countries, you can do dropshipping without any problems.

What does dropshipping mean exactly? If you already understand the point well, skip this part to the next topic of the article.

In short, it’s an e-commerce business. You create an online store and fill it with products from AliExpress or other marketplaces. People buy from you, but you don’t have to handle orders, store, pack, and send items, as AliExpress vendors do it for you.

And your profit is the difference between the original product price on Aliexpress and the final price on your website. This is perfect for those who want to work from home.

Everything you need is a laptop and an Internet connection. Your store won’t be different from other online stores in many other aspects. You should make attractive product pages, create social media accounts, keep an eye on reviews, and choose trustworthy vendors. Customers place orders and get what they want, just like in any other store. As a result, the dropshipping business model is not a scam in itself.

It’s worth trying if you are determined to earn money online. Well, why do some people claim this is a scam? Check out these reviews: Most of them belong to people who tried this online business and didn’t succeed. Let’s think: if someone fails to run a specific kind of business, does it really mean this kind of business is a scam? So is dropshipping a scam? This seems to be a bold statement.

To get money from dropshipping and online businesses, one should invest time, effort, and some money into it as well. The stages are the following: creating a store, finding the right audience and avenues of promotion, selling the products, and then getting a profit. If someone stops at the first stage, for example, just creating a store and waiting for sales, he might get nothing and think that people have fooled him. Nope, nobody fools him! He fooled himself. So, therefore, dropshipping is not a scam.

As for the ads you might see on Facebook or any other sites, many people and companies promote drop shipping. They all have their own concerns. For instance, many gurus offer to let you download their guides for free because they want you to eventually buy their educational materials, such as dropshipping video courses and other materials. Do you need to buy them to start dropshipping? Sometimes it’s a good idea to get all the information collected by someone who knows better, but if you have some spare time, you can find all the information on the Internet.

For example, on YouTube, there are plenty of videos about how to start your own business. And there are plenty of channels! You will see ads for different solutions for automating dropshipping sites, such as WooDropship, Oberlo, Dropified, and AliDropship.

If you start dropshipping, it’s better to get one as it saves loads of time on importing products and some other routine operations.

So, now, do you think dropshipping is a scam?

You can find a review of AliDropship and an “Oberlo and AliDropship Comparison” on some of our articles. Sometimes studios, companies, and individuals who create ready-made dropship stores for clients advertise drop shipping as well. And it might be OK to get a ready-made store because this way you don’t have to set everything up by yourself.

But it may cost a pretty sum. If you are short on money, check out our article on how to start dropshipping with less than $100 in your pocket.

I hope you found this article useful.


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