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Specializing in custom lulu book formatting services. We provide professional and high-quality book formatting services for authors, publishers, and self-published authors. Our experienced team of professionals will take care of everything from designing a unique and beautiful cover to creating the perfect interior layout for your book. We also offer bulk ordering and customization options, so you can get your books printed at a fraction of the cost compared to traditional publishing methods.

Are you struggling to format your book to publish it on Lulu? It can be a daunting and time-consuming task. If you don’t format your book correctly, it will be rejected by Lulu. And even if you do manage to get it published, an incorrectly formatted book will reflect poorly on you as an author.

AS Web Designer Lulu Book Formatting Services experts are here to help. We offer a wide range of lulu book formatting services that are designed to save you time and stress. We have a team of experienced professionals who will make sure your book is properly formatted before it’s sent off to publication. Choose the format you want below to get started or contact us today for a free consultation.

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Hire Professional Book Formatting Services Experts to format your book for lulu

Affordable Lulu Book Formatting Services. Choose your format below to place an order right away or click on learn more to know more about the type of lulu format you want.

Lulu eBook Formatting.

We provide professional eBook formatting for your eBooks. We have years of experience in the eBook formatting industry and will make sure that your eBook is perfect before releasing it to the public. We’ll create a beautiful, well-designed ebook that you can be proud to release to the world.

Paperback Formatting

We specialize in formatting your paperback books using the Lulu platform. We will take care of everything from designing the cover to ensuring that the book is properly formatted and looks great when it’s published. We also offer a variety of other services like eBook formatting and paperback design. 

Hardback Formatting.

Let us help you format your hardback manuscript for publication. We specialize in book formatting for both self-publishers and traditional publishers, ensuring that your book looks its best and gets published quickly and easily. Our experienced professionals will take care of everything from A-Z

Have custom request for your book.

Are you looking for professional book formatting services for your next project? At AS Web Designer, we understand the importance of having a book that looks polished and professional to make a great first impression with readers.

Our experienced team of book formatters can take your manuscript and transform it into a beautifully designed, print-ready file. We offer competitive rates and a quick turnaround time to make sure you can get your book to market as quickly as possible. Simply Choose Your Format and Enter the number of words of your book to get started.

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