Add Logo List On Shopify Home Page [Upto 3]


Add Logo List On Shopify Home Page [Upto 3]

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Get the perfect logo list on your Shopify site with our professional Shopify small tasks services. Our experienced team can add a logo list on the Shopify Home page quickly and efficiently to create a visually appealing experience for visitors. Let us help you today!

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Do you want to add a logo list on your Shopify home page, but don’t have the time or resources to do it?

Businesses with a professional logo list on their Shopify home page will look more polished and user-friendly, giving customers confidence in their brand.

Here at AS Web Designer, with our Add Logo List on Shopify Home page, we will provide efficient and affordable shopify small tasks services that will help you quickly and easily add a professional logo list to your home page. Get more visibility for your brand today by contacting us for our Shopify small tasks services!

Add partner logos, brand logos, award seals, and more to give your store more legitimacy.

Benefits of adding logo list on Shopify Home Page

A logo list consists of a row of images on a slider that may be dragged from one to the next. These graphics generally consist of logos from all of your partner firms, brands, designers, organizations in which you are a member, accolades you’ve won, and current promotions, among other things. Each of these logos has a link to its own website or page.


  1. Place an order for “Add Logo Lists on the Shopify Home Page.”
  2. After Placing an order, open a support ticket and send us your Shopify Login Details and send us the logos, images or brand lists including their links so that our Shopify Experts can start working on it and Add Logo Lists on the Homepage of your store or Message Us if you need any help.


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